Thank You!

Aloha! I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported and continues to support this project. The people of this community are deeply appreciative, and your help means the world to them.

Stay tuned for more updates, videos and pictures.

Your Help Matters

Aloha. Thank you for all your support and donations. Your donations have helped in so many ways and continue to help. Right now, the Foundation is working hard at supporting the squatter community in Pointe aux Sable in NW Mauritius. This community of over 25 families and children has been displaced for over 90 days now, and they are living without homes. Recently, an infant died due to the unsafe conditions.

Healing Handz Foundation has been collecting and providing donations of food, clothing and other basic necessities. If you are in Mauritius and have things to donate, please contact us. Attached is a video and some photos of the squatter camp… It’s horrific that humans are living like this.

Please help and support by either sharing or donating. Every little bit makes a big difference. Thank you.

About the Villages

Thank you for all of you who have been so kind and generous with your donations we have been able to help students return to school by purchasing books, purchase food for many people in the villages who are with out work due to no tourism, purchase a refrigerator and freezer for the villages . Also we were able to help a family get a gas stove so they can have a hot meal to eat …Most recently there was a fire in one of the villages and we are working hard to assist in helping the family get items they need to put there home back together there are 4 children in the home who lost there beds, clothing, and toys. We have also been able to use some of the funds to take some of the children who live in the villages out on the ocean to swim with dolphins and allow them to have a break from there day to day struggles. We are still focused on our goal to help get a community center for the village of Boganvilla so the children there have a safe place to go after school to further there learning and a safe place to play .

Thank you all for helping make this possible and please keep donating every little bit help and there is so much need in this community.

Delivering Food

Today we delivered groceries to the orphanage in the town of Pointe Sux. The children and the people here are wonderful and they can use our help.

These are what the locals call the Tent Communities. That is the reason we are trying to purchase the Containers to build a safe place for the children and the ones in need.

Container Community Center

This is the Prototype of the Container Community Center we are planning to build for children of the Village of Boganville Black River & Carre D’as Black River with your help. Children in this community have no place to go after school to do homework, be supervised or a safe environment to play in. Around 40 people live in each Village.

Helping the Children

Thru this fund raising campaign we will be helping kids like Anais, Her Dream is to go to beauty School & become a Professional Beautician . I will Keep updating everyone on the current progress of everyone we are helping.

This is Serena, She is one of the many children that live in Boganville Village, She needs a safe place to Learn, Play & most importantly food to eat. With your help we can help the children of this village. Thank you!